This Week in AMZ #16: Book Sellers Turn to eBay and More

Increased Amazon Fees Pushes Books Sellers to eBay

Two major changes have affected book sellers on Amazon since March:

  1. Sellers could set their own shipping price.
  2. Fees increased from $1.50 to $1.80 per item. Plus, instead of calculating 15% off the item price it’s now 15% of the sales price plus shipping.

Marketplace Pulse looked at the feedback received by book sellers on both Amazon and eBay to see how this changed over time.

While the site acknowledges feedback is not the same as sales, it can provide an indication. After Amazon implemented the changes on March 1, the site saw a 25% decrease in book seller feedback.

On the flip side, eBay book seller feedback increased by 15%.

With increases in selling fees and higher risk not selling due to high storage fees, sellers should shift their focus on other items. Physical books have become much less profitable than they used to be.

But thankfully you have a wide range of products to choose from now as a seller.

Amazon Prime Growing Fast

Prime —  Amazon’s fast-shipping membership —  is steadily growing. The service, which is priced at $99 per year, doubled in size over the past few years. Currently, it’s at a whopping 80 million members.

This is an illustration of how Prime has indeed become one of Amazon’s central pillars. The service is designed to get more customers to shop basic products on Amazon, instead of its competitors.

And apparently it’s working.

Amazon’s growth is your growth. Amazon’s seeing increased competition from other giants like Walmart, but so far it’s safe on the throne. With services like Prime, Amazon is increasingly asserting its dominance.

Amazon Launches ‘Subscribe with Amazon,’ a Marketplace For Digital Subscription

Now you can manage your subscriptions via Amazon. Since last year, Amazon has developed a new service that will allow you to discover, subscribe, and manage a range of digital subscriptions.

And this includes a lot. Everything from streaming services to online fitness classes. Many of these digital subscriptions were already available on Amazon. What’s new is that the new service aggregates and organizes all subscriptions in one place.

For FBA Sellers this could be a new way for you to engage with your target audience by sponsoring content within existing subscriptions or creating your own to build your customer base. Amazon is a powerful marketplace, and if you offer a subscription service — this might provide a lucrative way for you to promote physical products as a compliment.

Amazon Forms Team to Leverage Driverless Car Technology

Amazon is experimenting more and more with logistics. Now, the company has created a team of about a dozen employees solely dedicated to driver-less transportation.

But the goal isn’t to build a fleet of driverless vehicles. Yet. Instead, the goal is to have the team form a sort of think-tank that will explore ways of utilizing autonomous vehicles.

MarketWatch speculates:

Amazon could use autonomous vehicles including trucks, forklifts and drones to move goods. In addition, driverless cars could play a broader role in the future of last-mile delivery, enabling easier package drop-offs, experts say.”

This is an effort from Amazon to increasingly be able to deliver products quickly, and affordably —  which is beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

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