The AMZtracker Family

Our mission is to help you build the Amazon company of your dreams while giving you time to enjoy that success.

We're Hiring!

AMZtracker is always on the look out for amazing people to join the family! We currently have several positions open. Learn more HERE

What We Are

We are a team of people of different cultures and mindsets from all over the world. With 10 languages spoken between our team spread across the globe, we’ve gathered unique individuals brought together by our passion to use our different backgrounds and skill sets to help you, our customers, build successful FBA businesses and obtain the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

It is said that the most important thing to a successful business is understanding your customer. We take that very much to heart. With our team that whose members can be found in locations across the world, we’ve assembled a group of diverse perspectives that best allow us to understand what we can do to most effectively help our customers achieve their goals.

Why You Matter To Us

Despite being a group of individuals with backgrounds that couldn’t differ more, the one thing we have in common is the unrelenting desire to pursue our dreams as well as support others in that pursuit.

As entrepreneurs, marketers, and developers striving to provide our customers with a quality experience and tools to success, you will be hard-pressed to find a team more dedicated, more capable, or more uncommonly attractive… ;), than the members we’ve brought together here.

Who We Are

The best part about it all? In the face of all the hard work and regular need to always be improving. We are just one big family that jokes around and supports each other in finding that work/life balance.

Sound awesome? Because it is. And we are always looking for new hires

Meet the Family!

Rob Wise

COO, Chief Operations Officer

  • Digital nomad, language hacker, technology geek, life long learner.
  • Can do a great Australian accent
  • Aussie living in Bangkok
  • Brunch and coffee guru.
  • "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do."

Rus Powell

CTO, Chief Technical Officer 

  • Likes to say "Awesome" a lot
  • Team builder and leader.
  • Photographer, comedian, and fitness enthusiast.
  • Currently in SEAsia 

Brian Roe

Web & Media Team Manager - Principal Web & Graphic Designer

  • Drummer, Biker, Digital Gypsy & Tattooed Badass
  • Original Drummer of The Varukers
  • Favourite saying: “As the wallet empties, the heart fills”!
  • Current City: Bangkok

Peter Tran

Videographer, Marketer, Creative director.

  • Videography, copywriting, cold email outreach, email marketing, CRO enthusiast, content creation, avid people watcher
  • Favorite Cheat Day Meal: Chili Cheese Fries
  • From: Orange County, California
  • Location: Bangkok Thailand

Kyla Gardner

ART Manager, Gifs Editor

  • Writing, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Type Racing, Social Media, Rapid-Fire Emojiing
  • Enthusiast of sunshine, the beach, karaoke and all things animals:
  • Chicagoan living in Bangkok

Cristina Ansbjerg

Customer Service and Billing Manager

  • CRO, Metrics and process geek
  • True follower of Stoic philosophy and FC Barcelona
  • Former lawyer
  • Current Location: Spain, but never stop travelling
  • Favorite saying: "The obstacle is the way"

Victoria Thoo

AMZ Tracker Hangouts Lead Host

/ AMZ Dessert Dictator

  • SEO Nerd & Online Marketer
  • Tough Mudder Survivor, Foodie & Wannabe Yogi
  • From: Australia, the land of vegemite, beaches and things that will kill you
  • Location: Probably at an airport! (or Haagen Daz)

Peter Cook

Proud Member of Team Europe

  • Former lawyer turned Busy Yogi and Amazon startup enthusiast
  • Can be woken up for risotto at any time, dog lover.
  • From: The Netherlands
  • Current City: Saigon, Vietnam
  • “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice” - Scooter.

Marco Julian Grishaber

European Marketing Lead

  • Kindle Publisher & German market expert, PR & Sales
  • World explorer à la Marco Polo & martial artist
  • Current City: Saigon, Vietnam
  • “Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.”

Dan Volgneau

Marketing Manager, Assistant to the Regional Unicorn Smasher

  • Bears, beets, marketing and customer service
  • Perennial fantasy football loser and hitchhiking race winner
  • Likes: All people, most places, some things
  • Current city: Medellin, Colombia

Saied Ghaffarian

Rocket Reply Manager

  • Project management pro
  • PhotoShop, WordPress, Team Building, Sales, Customer On-Boarding
  • Living in Thailand

Nav Aulakh

AMZ Marketer and Customer Support/Treehugger

  • Social media and online marketing, customer support, writing, creating content
  • Yoga lover, Blogger, Wannabe Surfer
  • Brit somewhere in Europe

David Hehenberger

Merchant Metrics Founder

  • Amazon API expert
  • Austrian traveling Asia
  • Sushi and Coffee connoisseur 


​Merchant Metrics Product Manager

  • Product Management, System design
  • Brunch, Rock climbing, home-brewing, coffee, craft beer,
  • Current Location: South Africa


​Illustrator and Artist

  • Character creation
  • Soon to be Rock Star
  • Living in Bangkok


​Videographer and editor

  • Video editing and shooting
  • Soon to be Rock Star
  • Living in Bangkok

Anna Botha

Customer Success, Problem Solver

  • Centered in rational (read logical) analysis, lined with a healthy dose of process design
  • Currently wherever there’s great surfing to be had. South Africa


Graphic designer

  • Design and branding pro
  • Living in Bangkok