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How to Maximize Your Profits This Upcoming Prime Day

Since its inception in 2015, Prime Day has become a major shopping holiday.

This year, Prime Day will span 48 hours, on July 15-16. During this time, ravenous shoppers hungry for a good deal will be swarming the site en masse. As an Amazon seller, this is your opportunity to make more revenue than you may on any other day of the year (even Black Friday!).


How to Use Rapid Service to Increase Your Amazon Review Rating

On Amazon, it’s all about reviews.

As a seller, you’re probably well aware of this fact. It was even proven by Cornell University that the more positive reviews a product or service has on ANY platform (including Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc), the more revenue that product or service generates.


How To Do Good Product Search As an Amazon FBA Seller

It’s a process that all successful Amazon FBA sellers have to go through. Researching and finding a “winning” product is a time-consuming and difficult process if you don’t first learn how to carry it out properly and discover the tools that can eliminate a lot of the guesswork.


Looking for a way to boost your product’s positive reviews & increase your customers brand loyalty?

If you’re not careful, negative reviews, bad feedback, and complaining customers can wreak havoc on your product rankings. In this article, we will be looking at the importance of customer support in dealing with these issues, and how nurturing a world-class customer support experience will create a brand your customer’s love & respect.


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ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It’s a 10-charcter alphanumeric unique identifier that’s assigned by Amazon.com and its partners. It’s used for product-identification within Amazon.com organization.


This guide is meant to walk you through the steps of setting up your first Amazon
listing. Although each product is unique and may require additional fields on Amazon,
this step-by-step will cover all of the basics.

How to pick a product to sell on Amazon?

One of the biggest questions we receive is HOW do I find a profitable product to sell on Amazon as a new or small business? Larger more established Amazon sellers can easily afford to test hundreds of products knowing that up to 70% of them might fail totally. However, for smaller businesses or people just starting on their road to financial freedom, this is often too expensive or time-consuming to be viable.

How to Deal With Negative Reviews


In this article we are going to be taking a look at Amazon product reviews, why they are so important, and why it all matters to us.

After that, we are going to dive into three possible solutions for dealing with bad reviews, and the differences between them.

Finally, we will take a look at review management, and just how AMZ Tracker can help us maintain our reviews and grow our buyer’s trust.

Your Total Amazon Solution

Today we are going to be taking a top to bottom look at Amazon keywords, why they are important to you, and how AMZ Tracker can help you find not only the best keywords for your own product but also which keywords your competition use. Get the edge, and rise to the top of your niche with focused Amazon keywords.