AMZtracker is hiring!


We have 10 (YES 10!) location independent-ish positions available NOW!

Hey everyone, Erik here.

We are very excited to announce that we will be adding 10 more people to the AMZ tracker team by the end of the year.

Who are we you might ask?

If you don't already know, we are the industry leading suite of Amazon seller tools.  We help Amazon sellers easily sell more on Amazon. Thats the simple version. The more complicated version is we are a software that helps optimize Amazon sellers listings in the Amazon search engine, and make managing the day to day operations easier. If you rank higher in the Amazon search results, you sell more.

Welcome to the family!

I am incredibly proud of the amazing AMZtracker family we have built. These fun, smart, and talented people are what have made our company such a success. 

Checkout the video below and go HERE to Meet the Family 

We have been growing like crazy!

In the past year our team has grown from the 3 original co-founders to an amazing team of well over 40 people around the world. This explosive growth has been extremely exciting and we aren't done yet! We have big plans is store for the future and need to keep on scaling to keep up. 

  • Would you like to get an inside view of a fast growing, fast paced tech startup?
  • Would you like to work on and learn about all the inner workings of a business?
  • Would you like to get fully immersed in the Amazon seller and saas worlds?

Then you are in the right place.

There are 10 positions available.

What we are looking for?

These positions will have a variety of duties and responsibilities. But the overall goals are to make AMZ tracker better, grow faster, and take great care of our customers. Customer support and education on both AMZ tracker and Amazon will be priorities to start. Simply, we help our customers sell more and be happier. Then they will love us more than they already do.

Some of the things you will be doing:

  • ​Creating super helpful knowledge-bomb content

  • Handling customer support emails

  • Building out self help articles

  • Communicating directly with sellers on what they need

  • Helping our users understand our software better when needed

  • Mapping out new features for AMZ Tracker

  • Creating and documenting clear processes to make our systems run better - You must excel here

  • Recording screenshare videos

  • Email marketing

  • Working with WordPress sites (for content)

  • Facilitating discussions in our seller forum

  • Being a social media ninja

  • Designing and launching products

  • Coming up with ideas on your own! - We only want people who are independent and can manage the creation and execution of tasks on your own. If you need your hand held all the time, this position is not for you.

The big thing here is having an online marketing background. Having Amazon selling experience is a huge plus, but we can teach you this if you are not experienced in this area. Having some sort of online marketing experience is key, just because we have found that those with this skill-set are well rounded enough to handle a diverse range of tasks.

*Bonus points given if you have any of these skillz: Design, coding, SEO, video production, audio production, languages, and just being fluent around tech stuff.

Senior Positions

In addition to the more general positions above we are looking for some more experienced Senior Specialists to join the team.  These positions include but not limited to:

  •  Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Lead UI/UX designer
  • Videographer 
  • Customer Service Manager
  • and More

If you are interested in these positions and are honestly at a Senior level please do note that in your application. 


  • Be prepared to move to Bangkok Thailand my December 1st for at least the first 3 months of your employment. (We cover travel expenses!)

    • Live anywhere after that. (although I would love for you to stay with the team wherever our next home base will be
  • Work full time. I never count hours of our team, but I expect full time work to be delivered.

  • Edit* - Having side projects of your own is ok, but we ask that you not be selling on Amazon to avoid a conflict of interest.

  • But when you do leave us you will have an amazing skill-set if you want to venture out on your own

  • You must be able to think for yourself and learn on your own

  • Be eager to try new things and take on responsibilities.

  • $2,800/m pay to start (no withholdings either), with plenty of opportunities for raises if you kick ass.

    • ​Competitive salaries for Senior positions. We can discuss further via interview.