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AMZ Tracker Hangouts: Social get-togethers taking place the First Thursday of Every Month around the world.

Want to chat to other people using AMZ Tracker, talk products and marketing or simply step out from behind your computer and let your hair down? You’re in the right place. Finding your people is one of the best things you can do for your business, mindset and goals. So we created AMZ Tracker Hangouts to help you do just that. Get together in a fun environment, meet fresh faces and make new connections. Come along whether you’re an AMZ Tracker Seller, friend or want to hear a little more about selling!

Read on to find out what AMZ Tracker Hangouts are, how to attend one and how you can host your own.

What are AMZ Tracker Hangouts?

AMZ Tracker Hangouts are monthly, volunteer-run get togethers run by people just like you! They take place worldwide, wherever there’s a presence, and we leave it up to you to make it the meetup you want to see! That might be casual beers in your local bar or sitting around at the new coffee shop in town. Sellers, friends, business owners and those interested in selling are welcome! They’re a great way to be involved in your local community. We’d love to see you at our next AMZ Tracker Hangout or perhaps see you behind the scenes and helping host one. So read on to see how you can play a part!

AMZ Tracker Hangouts: Social get-togethers taking place the First Thursday of Every Month around the world.

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Check the Calendar to find the nearest one to you or email us to Host one in your city!

Want to Attend or Host a Hangout?

How to Attend an AMZ Tracker Hangout?
AMZ Tracker Hangouts are volunteer-run so the best way to find out if there’s one happening near you is to check out the Official AMZ Tracker Hangouts Calendar.

How to Host an AMZ Tracker Hangout? Here’s the deal:

  1. Apply through the form below to be a Hangout Host for your city.
  2. If you’ve been approved we’ll send you the AMZ Tracker Hangout Toolkit and any extra details you need to get you on your feet and kickstart your Hangout.
    AMZ Tracker Hangouts take place on the First Thursday of Every Month. Any events outside of this won’t classify as an AMZ Tracker Hangout.
  3. Keep it Honest and Transparent. AMZ Tracker Hangouts are completely not for profit, no selling of products or organised self-promotion. It’s simply a bunch of cool people getting together to have a good time, let’s keep it that way!

Got any other questions we haven’t covered?

Check out our FAQ Page and if you still can’t find the answer, send us an email with the form below.

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