A Quick Guide to Improve the Consistency of Your Amazon Sales with the Deals Community

Amazon is the world’s largest search engine and your ability to rank for important keywords will drive highly relevant organic traffic to your product page. But the competition has become intense for many high volume keywords, so it has become increasingly important for sellers to adopt advanced sales strategies to appeal to Amazon’s search algorithm and capture a meaningful share of the organic search traffic.

Remember, Amazon’s objective is always to make Amazon more money. So, keep this in mind when you follow our guide. When a customer performs a keyword search, Amazon search algorithm will not only consider relevancy but will also include many other very important factors. And, two of the most important factors are:

  • Sales Volume
  • Consistent Sales

Now that you know this, I can imagine that you are asking yourself the following question. How can you improve these important ranking factors? Well, one way is to increase your sales is by executing strategies around the use of the ART Deals Community from AMZ Tracker where you connect with shoppers who care about your products by offering them a discounted product. READ MORE…

Key Tips to Translations For Starting FBA in a New Market Place

So you are looking to start FBA in a new market and are looking to get translations done. That’s awesome! Congrats!

Needless to say, knowing and understanding the market and its customers is crucial to your expansion’s success.

However, when looking at different markets, there are a lot of factors to consider, which will play a role in the consumer’s behavior. There will be political, religious, social and cultural as well as language and economic factors, just to mention a few.  But let’s not get too complicated.

We’ll start with focusing on one key aspect: Translations. The language of your customer. READ MORE…

Profit – No PHD Required

The smart, savvy way to do business is by the numbers. Every entrepreneur strives to make good decisions based on the best information they have. But not everyone has a background in data science or a degree in finance.

Maybe math wasn’t your thing in school and maybe numbers simply put you asleep. Don’t worry, we’re going to change that. Right here with this post. So, grab some coffee and take a seat. You’re going to want to read this from beginning to end.

You are excited about your first product, nervous about whether or not it is the right one and utterly confused about if the calculations you are doing are correct.

Then the sales start rolling in and you get excited!

  • But how much of that is actually going into your pocket?
  • When do you start making money?
  • Are you making the right spending choices?

And most importantly…

Are you profitable? READ MORE…

Optimize Your Amazon FBA Seller Central Backend

Optimize Your Amazon FBA Seller Central Backend

Just because buyers do not see it, never neglect the act of optimizing the Seller Central backend information of the product listing. The backend information is crucial and it has a huge role in the keyword search optimization. There are a lot of places in the backend where you can provide Amazon with some extra information that will play a meaningful role in your product lsisting optimization. You might have already heard, earlier this year Amazon upgraded the Seller Central character limits for the backend search terms. This new update allows sellers to have more room than ever before to list additional keywords in a bid to rank them organically. The best part about this is how it will give a direct impact on the discoverability of millions of FBA products for sellers like you.

The backend search terms increased from 250 characters, 5 lines of 50 character each,  to 5,000 characters, 5 lines of 1,000 character each. That is a huge difference! READ MORE…

Using Instagram to Promote Your Private Label

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Private Label

When it comes to using Social Media channels for marketing, most businesses and entrepreneurs think about Facebook and Twitter and assume that Instagram is just for the fashionista/food/travel junkie’s constantly bombarding their followers with pictures of the last meal they just had or a selfie they took in some exotic location in an attempt to make their friends totally envious.

Ok, well that might be largely true. However, brands and influencers are also utilising Instagram in the most creative ways to help sell actual products, grow their following, engage and build a relationship with their audience as well as drive traffic to their site and you should totally be doing the same if you’re not already.

Instagram is one of the most visual tools out there for social media marketing, so if you want to promote your private label, this is where you should be showing it off.

With over 400 million monthly users and nearly a quarter of these coming from the US (this figure is expected to grow by 100 million by 2019) and with sponsored posts only just having entered the platform, it’s still a really great time to take advantage of organically getting your product out there to a mass audience.

The topics that will be covered in this post are: READ MORE…