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How To Optimize Your Amazon Listing
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How To Use This Tool

On Page Analyzer

The Amazon On Page SEO Analyzer is a tool to help you make sure that your Amazon listing is perfectly optimized for your targeted keywords. It takes the guesswork out of optimization, and helps your products rank higher in the Amazon search engine in the least amount of time.


  • Q: Where do I find this feature?
    A: You can find it by clicking on the "On Page Analyzer" tab in the side-menu of your dashboard. 
  • Q: What am I optimizing for? 
    A: You are optimizing your listing for the keywords you want to rank for on Amazon. If you're familiar with optimizing websites for Google SEO, this is similar in nature except tailored for the Amazon search algorithm.
  • Q: Some guides say that you shouldn't repeat your keywords, yet you say to repeat it multiple times?
    A: No one knows with 100% certainty what exactly the algorithm is looking for. But, time after time the evidence shows that our methods are superior. We recommend to simply look at the most competitive niches (i.e. Garcinia, Raspberry Ketones, etc) and copy what is working. They follow the exact strategies we outline.